Donuts $6 each or 4 for $20






DESSERT GELATO - $8.50 each

Mint Ice - Concealed beneath a chocolate coating is a refreshing blend of peppermint and vanilla ice cream swirls.

Passionfruit - Exquisite passionfruit gelato veiled by a layer of rich, dark chocolate.

Mango - Enjoy the flavour of the tropics with a mango dessert, enhanced with a crisp coating.

Lemon in Shell - A classic lemon gelato presented inside the essence of its shell.

Bacio - Unique blend of hazelnut gelato swirled with chocolate and hazelnut granules encased in rich dark chocolate.

Gianduiotto - A hazelnut gelato surrounded by chocolate gelato smothered with a layer of toasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate.

Cassata - Layers of mouth watering nougat, chocolate and hazelnut gelato with candied fruit and a centre of liquored sponge.

Tartufo - A delightful harmony of chocolate gelato and almonds covered in dark chocolate and topped off with a cherry.

DESSERT PIZZAS $12.00 each (Medium Size Only) (Only one topping)

Nutella and Mixed Berries - A sweet and sour temptation that stirs all the taste buds.

Nutella and Banana - The taste of a banana split upon the base of a pizza.

Nutella and Strawberries - A succulent and sweet taste of chocolate coated strawberries.

Nutella andM&M's - A take back to childhood with M&M's sprinkled  on a chocolate base.

LIQUOR GELATO - $9.50 each (for adults only served in a glass)

Coppa Spagnola - Vanilla and amarena cherry gelato swirled together and topped with real amarena cherries.

Coppa Crema & Pistachio - Pistachio gelato swirled with chocolate sauce topped with praline pistachio.

Limoncello Flute - Refreshing lemon gelato swirled with limoncello served in a glass champagne flute.



Large - $4.00 each    Mini - $2.50 each



coppa collection.jpg

coppa collection.jpg

Limoncello Flute

Limoncello Flute

Coppa Spagnola

Coppa Spagnola

Coppa Crema and Pistachio

Coppa Crema and Pistachio

Limoncello Flute

Limoncello Flute